ULTRAVIOLET’s beauty is everywhere: in Manchester producer Ben Pearson’s pin-drop piano motifs, in his dreamy vocal captures and in his melting chimes. So too in his LP’s rich, complex patterning and its aquatic synth- work, wave upon wave of instrumentation seeking unsuccessfully to erode a solidly stoic core. ULTRAVIOLET is consequently a strikingly downtempo collection with pronounced mood swings. Cutting-edge bliss creates a numbing chemical haze that leads to cinematic vista and fractured collages of found-sound and sun-bleached ambience. At the other end of the spectrum, certain tracks forget their meds completely and gets straight to the point with deep and sustained stabs of house.



Many of Pearson’s thicker beats throb instead with the sound of electrical charge, surging with energy alongside his toy-box of ticking, clicking FX and stereo-scanning synths. This is lush electronica made for the outdoors rather than the early hours, crisp techno fizzing at its extremes, snap-crack blasts an aggressive counterpoint to classy symphonic climaxes. ULTRAVIOLET doesn’t develop this sound fully enough to be considered a product purely of the tech/house school and yet neither does it dwell long enough in straight electronic programming to entirely appease those with an aversion to anything else. What you have then is simply an album ripe for the crossover market. It’s time to start looking at things in a different light: an ULTRAVIOLET light.

Released on limited run of 25 Cassettes via Ramber Records (goo.gl/ZbBaXU). Each tape contains a 55mm x 55mm unique original art print.

Zenith / Lunar Light Rays / Within / Sufi / Together (ft. Shy Heavens) / Ultraviolet / Mångata / Orchid / Hypersleep / Machina / Pelog / Guardian

www.espher.com // https://soundcloud.com/espher/sets/ultraviolet/s-fkVE7